Fugen Repair Replacement Harddisk (HDD) Screw for Apple MacBook Pro Unibody 13.3" 15.4" Inch A1278 A1286 A1297 Set of 4 P/No. PN: 922-8655

Price: ₹ 799.00 - ₹ 279.00
(as of Dec 14,2020 10:37:40 UTC – Details)

Description The hard drive that came with your laptop will have its screws stuck in the drive. Without all four screws in place, the drive can flop around unsecured and possibly be damaged or cause data loss. Tools -Phillips #00 Screwdriver Remove ten bottom case Phillips screws and two Phillips screws securing the hard drive bracket to the upper case. -T6 Torx Screwdriver Remove the four hard drive retaining posts from the sides of the hard drive. Mark If no T6 torx screwdriver, the pliers worked, but be very careful screwing these in or unscrewing them. You can grind the holes making it nearly impossible to screw/unscrew.however, alsoa pair of plirs to grip the screws and spin them into the hard drive will work. you can get them for free at an Apple Store, but you have to make a Genius Bar appointment Compatibility: MacBook Pro 13″ A1278 – MacBookPro5,5 Mid 2009: MB990LL/A – MacBookPro5,5 Mid 2009: MB991LL/A – MacBookPro7,1 Mid 2010: MC374LL/A – MacBookPro7,1 Mid 2010: MC375LL/A – MacBookPro8,1 Early 2011: MC700LL/A – MacBookPro8,1 Early 2011

Package : One set (4 Pcs) screws without Screwdriver
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