The robotic mascot of Kojima Productions, a Ludens figure, was spotted on Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s bookshelf in a recent stream. To be clear, this doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is happening with Hideo Kojima and Xbox–though a possible Death Stranding Xbox Series X port wouldn’t be out of the question–but since Spencer has hidden surprises in his streaming background before, it’s made people pay increased attention to it.

Perhaps most notably, Spencer hid the Xbox Series S on his bookshelf in July 2020–months before the console’s specs were fully announced–and no one noticed. In a somewhat similar move, Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya was wearing a headset in the Xbox Series X launch trailer back in October 2020, which was later revealed to be the new Xbox headset, which wasn’t announced until February 2021.

In that stream, Phil Spencer spoke about the future of cloud gaming, saying that developers may build games for the cloud natively, without worrying about the limitations of consoles. Given the high-profile failure of Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia, which recently laid off all of its development staff, that future seems a bit far off.

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