Fortnite introduced its first Spire Quest this week, and it’s a long one. The final piece to the lengthy Spire Quest is to don the disguise and strike three Resonant Crystals at The Spire. You can only do this after several other objectives are completed in and around the center of the map, all related to the multi-part Spire Quest.

First, you’ll need to find and collect Artifacts for Tarana, then you’ll find the Thief, Raz, and complete many more objectives for him. The final task is already tough enough given how busy The Spire tends to be, but it’s made tougher by a bug currently affecting some players. Here’s how to complete the final piece of the Fortnite Spire Quest whether you’ve been hit with the bug or not.

Don The Disguise And Strike Three Resonant Crystals

You’ll want to drop into The Spire at the heart of the map. Land near the southeast side and you’ll see the disguise on the ground near a fence. Interact with it to disguise yourself as a tower guardian, sometimes called a Spire Assassin. Don’t use weapons or even swap to them, or else you’ll lose the disguise. Keep your Harvesting Tool equipped.

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With the disguise active, the NPC tower guardian won’t attack, but other players very well may, so avoid them as best you can. What you’re looking for is glowing pink crystals sticking out of the base of The Spire itself. You need to hit three different Resonant Crystals with your Harvesting Tool, and there are more than three to find. They’ll look something like what you see below, albeit in slightly different shapes each time.

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Should you avoid taking damage or dying during the quest, you’ll complete it without issues after hitting three different Crystals. However, there’s currently a bug that prevents players from completing it in full if they die or take any damage while disguised. Thankfully, there’s a fix you can use if, like us, you get stuck.

Resonant Crystals Bug – How To Fix The Spire Quest

When you drop back into The Spire on a subsequent round, you won’t need to don the disguise again and you won’t even need to strike three Resonant Crystals. Instead, run up to different Resonant Crystals and use a Spray emote on them. Each time, the game will register the Sprays as Harvesting Tool strikes, which allows you to work around the bug and complete the final piece of this wildly long questline.

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Though the latest patch did bring this bug with it, it also brought things like dinosaurs and revised crafting costs. Here’s all that’s new according to the Fortnite version 16.10 patch notes.

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